Zyn is an innovative nicotine pouch specially produced to cater for the consumer tastes and preferences. It is a brand manufactured by the Swedish Match AB company which is based out of Stockholm. Zyn production was inspired by a desire by the company to meet a market need, and that is to offer smokers an amazing nicotine product with no smoke inhalation. In place of tobacco, Zyn is produced using high quality food grade ingredients like sweeteners, pH adjusters, stabilizers and fillers. To review Zyn consumer benefits, its incredible attributes of being tobacco-free, smoke-free and spit-free means end users will enjoy it.

Zyn Popularity

This Zyn brand review reals that Zyn enjoys the highest popularity. In the US, the Zyn brand made by Swedish Match, takes the highest market share of 87% compared to other nicotine pouches. The popularity of the brand is attributable to the fact that the company sought to open people’s mind that it is possible to have your nicotine without necessarily using tobacco. Also, the rising popularity of Zyn is due to its attractive tastes with a vision to offer consumers an alternative to combustible tobacco. The combustion of tobacco is known to increase the risk of users developing diseases.

Zyn Flavors

In its innovative prowess, the Zyn brand differs from other nicotine pouches as it aims to offer the consumers a wide selection of flavours to embrace their tastes and preferences. The first is citrus flavour which gives the user a summery distinctive taste of sour lemon, delightful orange zest and lime. The second flavour is Spearmint, which is a sweet mint with a soft addition of peppermint which contains menthol. This gives consumers a relaxing sensation. The third is Coolmint which offers a refreshing burst of flavour that is matchless. The different Zyn products ensure that the end users gets their nicotine in their most preferred choice of taste.