The product resembles the name. Renowned Swedish manufacturer, GN Tobacco, is responsible for the production of White Fox snus. The deeper you scrutinise, the more you realize how aptly it is named. There are some uncanny similarities between the product and a White Fox. The Arctic Fox is known for inhabiting regions with freezing conditions and being resourceful, hardy, and stealthy. These qualities are present in the White Fox snus because it is small but long-lasting, with cold flavours. This review White Fox will show that is an extra-strong, tobacco-free, all-white nicotine pouch. Being small and white makes them discrete and portable.

White Fox Detailed Description

White Fox products have no tobacco but contain nicotine, mint, and icy-cold hints of spearmint. The White Fox brand review shows three products – All White, Double Mint, and Full Charge. All White is the starter pack, bearing a mint flavour. Don’t be fooled, it packs a punch with a nicotine concentration of 12 mg/g. The Double Mint is the All White on steroids. It has a bigger mint bite and menthol flavour. Full Charge is the powerhouse in the range. Full-bodied, packing a bigger nicotine kick, bigger pouches, and that refreshing menthol bite and freezing spearmint tones. They are quick release to deliver that nicotine punch fast.

Final Thoughts on The White Fox

White Fox’s qualities have made it a popular choice among snus users. The pouches are made from natural plant fibres free from tobacco, meaning they remain white and will not stain your teeth. They are small, so are comfortable to use, and low-drip meaning they will release nicotine and flavours slowly to last longer. In comparison, White Fox’s Full Charge is icier and has no tobacco, unlike Oden’s Cold Extreme. However, it is not as icy, or as potent as the Siberia -80 Degrees. That said, White Fox has excellent qualities and provides you with a cold, minty experience, and as a bonus, will not stain your teeth.