The brand General dates back 150 years. In order to understand how the company was created, it is important to review General in its entirety. General was established by Johan A Boman back in 1865. Boman’s desire to find the perfect product actually started four years before. He travelled around the world in search of the perfect combination, to make the ultimate snus. This resulted in a blend of 22 tobacco grades, coupled with bergamot oil. To date, the company still dries the tobacco directly in the sun and only the fine parts are utilised. Boman set the legacy, which guided General in the creation of varied products.

General Brand Review

The General brand is simply the “father of all brands”. The quality offered by the brand is unique and of untouchable standards. As such, a General brand review is incomplete without a focus on production. Production is carried out under strict instructions to achieve the beautiful taste and smell ensuring Boman’s work still lives on. General also produces a wide range of flavours, which makes it one of the most popular tobacco brands in Sweden. In Scandinavia, it is the oldest and largest tobacco company. This success is attributed to the company’s commitment to quality and fair prices. General’s products, which are of premium quality, are very reasonably priced.

General’s Products

General’s products are strong in both the Swedish and International markets with a variety of products offered in both. It produces all types of smokeless tobacco. General offers a vast number of popular products such as the General Onyx White Portion which is regarded as a classic. This is just one among the many kinds of snus available from General. Others include; Strong, Mini, White, Long, Loose, Onyx and Extra Strong. While the format might differ between products, the base flavour remains the same. General’s distinctive packaging gives the products the extra appeal. Shipping of these products is available internationally. They are a must have for any tobacco lover.