In Japanese, “Shiro” means “white”. Shiro is a breathtaking white nicotine product from AG Snus company in Denmark. These all-white, tobacco-free snus pouches are an innovative product manufactured to meet the needs of the modern user who wants to experience their nicotine with no tobacco. The production of the Shiro brand is a progressive work that dates back to 1864 when the overarching company used to produce piped tobacco. Shiro debuted in 2009 when AG Snus built a factory that would solely deal with the production of snus, and this led to the invention of the brand.

Shiro Brand Popularity

The popularity of Shiro nicotine brand cannot be denied. Manufactured by a company with over 150 years of experience, their expertise is unmatched. This expertise is well articulated in its Shiro brand. Firstly, the Shiro nicotine pouches have stylish, slim designs and you can tell you were in their thoughts as they made them with such finesse. Secondly, Shiro brand is popular because of its pleasurable flavours. When you buy this brand, you will experience a refreshing taste of delightful mint in its various blends, be it peppermint, spearmint or menthol. This Shiro pouches review will treat you to some of the products as described below.

Shiro Brand Delightful Products

Shiro comes in two distinctive products. The first product is Shiro cool mint. This magnificent product has an icy flavour of mint as it is a blend of spearmint and menthol. You will love this pleasant taste and it is a favourite buy for many users. The second product is Shiro sweet mint. This one comes with a rich flavour of mint that manages to contain a sweetness that is derived from spearmint; the refreshing taste comes from peppermint. This tasteful mint will instantly hit you and infiltrate your nasal passages. You will also experience a cooling sensation under your lip.