Onico has been introduced as an alternative to smoking and snus. Made from plant-based fibres and free from nicotine and tobacco, the Onico portion pouches quickly gained popularity for their traditional snus aroma filled with unique flavours that bear a resemblance to tobacco, but are infused with added flavours of mint, eucalyptus, vanilla, bergamot, and licorice. Although classified as a foodstuff, being plant-fibre-based portion pouches, they are still not completely free from health risks. Nevertheless, the lower the risk, the better, and it certainly does provide a less-risky option when compared to smoking and the use of traditional snus.

Different Flavors of Onico

As part of this Onico brand review, the different variants of the brand will be briefly discussed. Onico was first introduced as an original White Portion, which is a base variant with combined flavours of citrus and bergamot. It is available as Original and Mini White portion. It has flavours like peppermint, for those who feel like having a cool refreshing sensation, while the Onico Licorice White Portion is best for those who prefer to have a mix blend of licorice and anise. The Pure White Slim, on the other hand, has a tobacco flavour with combined hints of vanilla, eucalyptus, and peppermint.

Are Onico Portion Pouches Worth Trying?

Many of those who want to quit smoking resort to traditional snus. And yet, even snus has its own health risks as well. This is where Onico portion pouches come in; offering a product for those who want to avoid nicotine and tobacco altogether but still yearn for the experience of that buzz. After several years of research and development in the search for the perfect taste under the lip, Onico was launched in 2018 as a soft and luscious brew, devoid of nicotine and tobacco. With a handful of flavours to choose from, it’s definitely worth a try.