Nixs is a premium all white, tobacco-free brand of nicotine pouches. They come in full-sized nicotine bags that sit well on the lip. This leading Swedish brand has done well with is affordable pricing and great-tasting pouches. Using top quality food-grade flavours, Nix appeals to many ex-smokers or people trying to cut down on nicotine intake. They can be used anywhere; in your office, cinema, whilst making dinner – and more! The pouches are neatly placed in round tins that can easily fit in your bag or back pocket. These are the answer for those looking to curb their smoking habits quickly.

These pouches contain plant fibre and nicotine and are free from tobacco. They also use xylitol as a sweetener. In this Nixs brand review, we highlight this as a quality product that has strong and delicious flavours. The portions are nicely sized; each flavour in each can has a cooling effect under the lip and lasts about 40-45 minutes on average. They can be bought individually or in rolls of 10 cabs at an affordable price. They are instantly usable and conveniently sized. They are made from natural fibres and contain a chewy base filler. Nicotine and different flavours make-up the product.


Nixs pouches have fresh, aromatic flavours packaged in stylish, modern cans. They are stain- and drip-free, making them easy to manage. You no longer have to endure that lingering, horrid tobacco smell and taste; instead, you get a bustling array of good flavours that are not harmful. Energy kick-ins are received from Nixs pouches and they give you the added benefit of not harming your lungs. Swapping to these pouches enables you to lead a healthier lifestyle. They also diminish all your tobacco cravings in a very effective way. Using these will give you a long-lasting way to a tobacco-free life.