Tobacco-free nicotine pouches are becoming more popular around the world. The Swedish company Loop, which was established in 2019, has created a new brand for the innovative nicotine pouch market. The Loop brand contains nicotine but is tobacco-free. It is packed in a neat round and environmentally friendly can called Plantcan. The Plantcan was developed to reduce the environmental impact of their Loop products and it is made up of 50% recycled material and 50% plant material giving it a unique appearance. Loop uses a new and unique nicotine technology.

The popularity of the Loop Brand

This¬†Loop brand review¬†will give you some insight into this new brand’s unique products. We are sure that Loop will be a popular choice thanks to its tasty products and its unique Instant Rush technology. This gives users an instant hit of nicotine, followed by a slow controlled release of nicotine for up to 60 minutes. This dissolves naturally without the need to spit. Loop’s products contain plant fibre, flavourings and nicotine. Flavours include Mint Mania, Sicily Spritz, Japaleno Lime and Salty Ludicris. This last is a mixture of liquorice and raspberry. The brand’s use of environmentally friendly cans is another plus with customers.


Loop pouches come in a range of strengths, but all can be discreetly slipped under the lip. The Slim Loop pouches vary in nicotine strength level from normal, 6mg/pouch, to strong, 9mg/pouch, to extra strong, 11mg/pouch. Loop pouches are designed for adult smokers aged 18 years and above who want to enjoy a nicotine hit without having to use any tobacco substances. Nicotine pouches provide a safer kind of nicotine for recreational use. Loop’s nicotine pouches are all white meaning they are made from nicotine extracted from tobacco hence no staining of teeth. The Loop pouch can be used by placing it under the lips anywhere and anytime.