Not to be confused with the American lift-hailing app, Lyft is also a brand of nicotine pouches that is made by British American Tobacco (BAT) and widely sold in the UK and Scandinavia. Unlike other nicotine pouches, Lyft extracts nicotine directly from tobacco and mixes it with different flavours to create distinctive tastes for the user. The most well-known flavours are mint, lime, blueberry, ice cool, melon and liquorice and all come in 2 strengths. Lyft is an all-white brand that does not discolour teeth or leave a smell after use. In this article, we will review Lyft brand’s benefits and flavours.

Lyft benefits

Lyft is an environmentally friendly brand since it is smoke free. It can help people who want to quit smoking since it contains a key ingredient, nicotine, which most smokers of tobacco seek. Smoking requires other complimentary things such as lighters and holders. This is not the case while using Lyft as you only need to insert the discreet pouch under your top or bottom lip. In addition, unlike smoking, Lyft can be used anywhere regardless of the occasion. This Lyft brand review is also for those who want to gain excitement without smoking. I have always considered Lyft as a better option to smoking.

Lyft strengths and flavors

As mentioned earlier, Lyft comes in different strengths and flavours. The flavours vary to suit the taste of each user. The strength depends on the concentration of nicotine in each pouch: 6mg per portion is regular and 10mg per portion is strong. The maximum period through which the strength lasts is 30 minutes. With an array of these different flavours, many people are picking up the trend of using Lyft rather than smoking. Lyft brand is available either in local shops or online with their prices being fair. Though I am not a common user of the Lyft brand, I consider it worth trying.