Nordic Spirit is a Swedish nicotine pouch brand from JT International AG Dagmersellen that is completely tobacco-free. It is manufactured in Vargarda Kvarn in Sweden. It is made up of a gum base and a mixture of plant fibres, nicotine and flavourings. Nordic Spirit comes in two strengths – 6mg and 9mg – and 4 flavours. The brand is intended for consumers and adult smokers aged 18 years and above. It can be used by placing the nicotine pouch under the top or bottom lip where it neatly fits and is discreet so it can be used comfortably.

Popularity of Nordic spirit

For this Nordic Spirit brand review, we found that the sleek design and discreet nature of the pouches, coupled with a range of fresh flavours, has led to the brand growing in popularity around the world. This growing popularity can also be attributed to the fact that tobacco smokers, as well as vapers, can now get a convenient dose of nicotine while eliminating the risk that tobacco use brings to their general health. Nicotine pouches are a safe way to consume nicotine without having to deal with the stigma that smokers and vapers have to face in their tobacco consumption habits as they are tobacco-free.

Nordic spirit products

Nordic Spirit’s nicotine pouches come in a range of flavours and all in a handy pocket-sized tin. These include the ever-popular mint – a mixture of peppermint and menthol for a crisp, refreshing flavour. Other flavours include the quintessentially English fragrance of elderflower, subtly blended with citrus notes to remind you of lazy summer days. Or go wild and try Nordic Spirit’s bergamot wildberry pouch, which has been carefully blended to give users a citrus tang but with a sweet taste. The soft white pouches let you enjoy a nicotine experience that can last for up to an hour, anywhere and at any time. Try them today!