Today we are going to review Ettan, a product currently manufactured by Swedish Match. Ettan is a unique product with a great tobacco flavour that was originally founded in 1822 by Jacob Ljunglof. This popular product is regarded as one of the oldest Swedish brands on the market. Throughout the decades, the brand remains to be the best product ever on the market. It is highly considered by the majority of people for a mesmerising aroma that makes it stand above others. Ettan gives you a mix of nut undertones and tobacco scent. Unlike other brands, it doesn’t leave you with a burning sensation, but has a chocolate taste.

The Portion

In this brand review, you will learn that each Ettan portion comes with great tobacco centric aroma that has a delicious taste. It is important to note that each portion of Ettan is manufactured with eight grams of nicotine per portion. Each can is packed with 24 portions of Ettan. The portions are soft and moist; upon placing a portion in the mouth, it gives you an satisfying tobacco flavour. One of the best things about Ettan is that it has a slight hint of the salt with a much better taste. The brand offers classic cans that are metallic gold.


Ettan is regarded as the cleanest and safest form of tobacco. This Swedish Match brand comes in three varieties which include the original portion, white portion, and loose. Among the three, the Ettan Loose is the oldest variety and was first introduced in 1822. In 1990, the Swedish Match introduced Ettan Original portion, while the White portion was introduced in 2006. The main thing that makes Ettan a special product is because it is made purely from tobacco, water, and salt. Ettan’s unique flavor has remained unchanged since 1822. As a result, the brand has maintained its reputation as a leading product on the market.