Pose is a tobacco-free snus that contains nicotine but lacks tobacco. It comes packed in a round and neat can that has a lovely denim design. The cans weigh 7.5 gram and contain 20 portions, each having an average weight of 0.37 grams. Generally, the size of Pose cans tends to be somewhat smaller than the size of the average snus can. The nicotine used in this product is extracted from the tobacco plant which is scientifically known as Nicotiana tabaccum. However, pose doesn’t contain any form of the tobacco plant matter. In this article, we shall¬†review Pose¬†and all its features. Read along!

Features of Pose

This product has a chewing gum base and a pleasant and light aroma. It also features a light taste of mint and its sweetness is therefore mild. Pose has a cool and refreshing peppermint flavor. The flavor lasts for around 30 – 40 minutes. The portions of Pose are dry at first but gets moist and comfortable when out of the can. The strength of nicotine in this pose is around 8mg/g; which is similar to the nicotine strength of regular Swedish snus. It has two main flavors that differ slightly in their taste and nicotine content.

Pose Nicotine Pouches Products

There are two main Pose flavours and these include the Pose mint 7 mg Mini Normal and the Pose Citrus 7mg Mini Normal. Pose mint 7mg Mini Normal has a fresh spearmint flavour and come with twenty dry portions. The latter, Pose Citrus 7mg Mini Normal, are fresh nicotine pouches that contain a higher content of nicotine than pose mint. Typically, the nicotine content in these is 7 mg in every pouch and each comes with a fresh lemon flavour. If you are looking for a product to help you quit tobacco while still using nicotine, you should try out POSE!