Look at Siberia and you will discover powerful snus. GN Tobacco has a knack for getting the naming of their products just right. The name you see on the tin pretty much describes what you will experience with the product. With this, the extreme Siberian desert is the theme. Siberia is a place with permafrost, average temperatures of -45 degree Celsius, and plenty of vicious bears. This is one of the most potent snus in the market; it will maul any novice, like the roaring bear on the tin. Siberia snus has one of the most diverse product line-ups, from tobacco-filled pouches to flavoured, tobacco-free white pouches.

Siberia Product Lineup

Our Siberia brand review reveals four basic variants. The Siberia -80 degrees Brown Power Portion comes in spearmint flavour in original portions. In comparison, the Siberia -80 degrees Extremely Strong White Dry Portion offers the same flavours but in dry white portions. If you want a spearmint flavoured snus, but the power dialled down just a bit, check out Siberia -80 degrees Ice Cold Power White Portion. The latest addition is the Siberia -80 Degrees Black Portion which give the full dose Siberia treatment, but with tobacco for that traditional snus flavour. There are slim versions that offer the same strength but have a more comfortable fit.

Final Take

This snus is not for beginners or lightweights. Regular snus comes with 8 mg nicotine/g, snus containing 16 mg nicotine/g is considered strong. Siberia’s base snus contains 24 mg nicotine/g with the most potent weighing in at a scarcely believable 43 mg nicotine/g. Heady stuff. As always, care should be taken because it contains nicotine that is addictive and can cause cancer. For the experienced snus user, the kind that will chew on a stick of hot chillies like it was chocolate, Siberia is for you. Siberia offers a diverse range of industrial-strength snus pouches that will give you a nicotine kick that few others will offer.