Brand-Knox is a famous brand of the snus brands, mainly in Sweden, and was produced by Skruf. The Skruf Company was first launched in the United States of America in August 2003. They have since then created many products that contain different flavours from the traditional flavours to modern flavours. To review Knox is more than just reviewing the flavours, it is to review the whole Knox package. The majority of their products are made only from organic compounds of tobacco. Their new product is flavoured with rose oil, which is mainly targeted to the Swedish clients and longstanding customers.

Knox products’ popularity

The Knox brand products enjoy relatively high popularity all over the world. This is mainly attributed to the uniqueness of the products made available with very high quality at a very affordable price. The fact that these products are made from organic compounds only creates more popularity on the basis that they are safer compared to other products of inorganic nature. The availability of a range of scent strength among their products from low to very strong provides the customer the freedom to choose the product that fits them best.

Knox products

The imperial tobacco company bought forty-five percent of snus shares, which enabled the firm to access more products they initially could not get. The original rose-flavoured Knox products were introduced in 2003, but in 2004 snus began making more affordable and flavour-rich Knox products without compromising the product quality. They have made more than ten products today. These include Knox blue slim white, Knox blue white slim portion, Knox dark loose, Knox dark portion, Knox original portion, Knox strong portion, Knox Xtra Strong White Portion, Knox Strong White Portion among many other products. Knox products stand tall and proud in the snus world.