Why Snus?

Is Snus Safer than Regular Chewing Tobacco?

Snus is a new, tasty and convenient way to get your nicotine. It enters the mouth already moist, since water has been already added to the pouch. The pouches are full of delicious natural aromas, flavours and textures, as our snus brands reviews will attest to. Besides being smokeless just like chewing tobaccos are, they also dissolve naturally in the mouth. This means that there is no need whatsoever to have to spit the product out when you are done with it. The downsides of spitting tobacco should be obvious to mention to anyone, and we don’t think they bear any further explanation here.

In a word, yes. Snus is most definitely safer than regular chewing tobacco. This is because it is cleaner, and made to higher standards, with better ingredients. Snus does contain nicotine like regular chewing tobacco, but that’s basically where the similarities end! Many lines of snus these days are “white”, meaning that they only use the nicotine extracted from the tobacco, mixed with harmless flavors and textures. This means no more staining your teeth, among other things. And let’s not even talk about the health benefits of snus compared to smoking, which is an absolutely enormous gap in health and safety!